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korrina ashley.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
korrina ashley.

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[17 Jul 2010|09:35pm]
Please tell me 5 goals/dreams you want to accomplish in the near future.

Mine are:
& save enough money to go to southeast asia with my lover.
& get healthier and do a three week trekk in nepal.
& self-publish a book of photographs.
& get my scuba diving certification.
& get certified to teach english overseas.

Please share!
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[12 Jul 2010|05:51pm]
"I have hair that drifts like seaweed when I swim. I have eyes that shine like rock pools. My ears are like scallop shells. The ripples on my skin are like the ripples on the sand when the tide has turned back again. At night I gleam and glow like sea beneath the stars and moon. Thoughts dart and dance inside like minnows in the shallows. They race and flash like mackerel farther out. My wonderings roll in the deep like seals. Dreams dive each night into the dark like dolphins do, and break out happy and free into the morning light. These are the things I know about myself and that I see when I look in the rock pools at myself."
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[10 Jul 2010|02:01pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

I want to use this Livejournal to inspire myself, to connect with others, and to share. Most of the entries will be public, and consist of beautiful photographs and various other art forms I find here and there. But then I will also write personal entries about my life and my secrets, and those will be kept friends only. I want to get to know people through this site. If you comment on my posts, I'll comment on yours. If you know of any amazing journals/communities I'd love to know about them! What are your favourite things to read on LJ? What other blog sites are you on? I have a tumblr that I don't post on very often, but check daily. Let's be pals :)

A brand new introduction post is coming soon!
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